Experience truly BADASS coffee in a most uncommon coffee shop - located inside a car dealership, Wolf Chevrolet Buick GMC/Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Ogallala. 

Try our famous for the "Dirty White Boy".

Our coffee beans are roasted exclusively for Night Train Coffee, so you won't find any other coffee quite like it. Our proprietary "Blackshirt Blend" is a full-bodied, dark roast using a combination of rich, earthy Sumatran beans and the flavorful, sweeter (with a hint of nuttiness) Colombian coffee beans. The Blackshirt blend is 100% Arabica beans roasted exclusively for Night Train Coffee. is a customer favorite! 

Our "308 Espresso Blend" is a balanced and distinctive blend of Central and South American coffee beans. The flavor notes a hint of cocoa and toffee.

The "Redshirt Blend" is a rich, flavorful medium roast that combines the full-bodied Ethiopian beans with the the chocolatey Central American Bean. The blend is an excellent choice for the “everyday coffee drinker”.

The "Driftwood Blend" with it’s natural sweetness and rounded flavor combines a blend of Central and South American coffee beans making it a great choice for our cold brew. If you are bothered by the acidity of coffee, give Driftwood a try.


This venture had been a dream of mine for a long time. I wanted to have a cool, comfortable place where the average “Joe” or “Jane” could come in or drive through for a great cup of coffee at a reasonable price where the products are locally sourced. I wanted a place that the walls and the décor could tell stories. I wanted a place that caters to the people that get up early every single day regardless of rain, snow, hot sun or frigid temps to help feed their family and to build America. Finally, I wanted a place that challenges all the rules; a place that ignores the traditional coffee house etiquette and is unapologetic about it. As a former corporate geek, I got taught that ‘coloring inside the lines’ was the way to make my mark on the world. Well, I’ve since learned differently. Somewhere along the way, I developed an attitude. Not a good one, not a bad one. Just, well…an attitude. I began to think differently and I adopted something the very famous author Ayn Rand once proclaimed: “The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.” I learned that once you start becoming your truest self and forget about the fear of failing, you truly become badass. 

Mike Petko 

Founder, Night Train Coffee Co


It's true, we are located inside a car dealership - Wolf Chevrolet Buick GMC / Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Ogallala but we won't try and sell you a car!


501 West 1st Street | Ogallala, NE 60153


Monday - Saturday

7 AM -  12:00 PM


8 AM - 12:00PM

Come inside or drive on through!